Unique Batteries

At Battery World, we don’t just sale batteries; we offer solutions to keep you going. We have a wide range of jump starter and charging equipment to keep your battery running if you feel confident you don’t need our call out service. On top of all of that we know the right battery for your car or truck, motorbike or scooter, boat or jetski, caravan or camper trailer.

So whether it’s for everyday use or the occasional trip Battery World can not only assist with the right battery we can fit it for you either at our store or wherever the vehicle might be located, so contact us about the convenience of our 24 Hour off-site assistance.

Our expert team members will come to you and test and fit a new battery to get you on your way ASAP. Our off-site assistance is available, nation-wide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and our team will have all the equipment they need to check or fit a battery or complete a jump start.

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